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About Us:

I owe my love for cats and animals in general, to my Mother. 

Stray and feral cats are desperate for love. Our streets are overpopulated with them.  As their numbers grow so does their pain and suffering.  House cats are dumped for careless reasons and do not know how to hunt for themselves so they starve.  Those who make it are always hungry.  Malnourished kittens die quickly.  Injured cats either live painful lives or die in agony.

I founded Angela’s Felines in an effort to make their lives better.  I also wanted to spread awareness about this problem.  The more you know the more you can do. 

The idea is simple.  Spay.  Neuter.  Period.

One last thing….don’t forget about dogs!!  Ruff Ruff

Thank you for making the lives of our animals better.  One animal at a time.


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