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What is TNR? (trap/neuter/return)

If you’re a nice person and feed stray/feral cats – thank you.  However, that is not enough.  These cats must be altered (spayed or neutered) in order to maintain their health and numbers.

TNR is the most humane way to manage a colony.  A colony consists of several cats living in the same area.  TNR reduces the number of homeless cats and greatly reduces their pain and suffering.

What is the basic TNR process?

·         First you must establish a feeding pattern.  Feed the cats around the same time every day.

·         Once the cats are accustomed to you and feeding time, schedule the surgeries.

·         At Least 48 hours before surgery set the traps.

·         Once the cats are trapped you must provide food, water and warm shelter.  The cats must be fully cared for before and after surgery.

·         After the cats are returned back to their colony you or the feeder must continue feeding and monitoring the colony.

It is important to note that the cats are to be returned to their colony and not just released anywhere.  If simply released, they will spend their entire life looking for “home”.


Contact us for more details and how you can learn to TNR yourself.

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